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"I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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Vertical CNC Milling Machines at John Prosock Machine, Inc.

For precision machining of small to medium sized components, John Prosock Machine, Inc. employs high-tech, high-performance vertical CNC milling centers. In the industrial field, particularly in automotive and engineering, as quality requirements are becoming more rigid, demands for tighter tolerances and shorter deadlines are rapidly increasing. Such requirements, demands, and deadlines call for multifunctional vertical milling machines that can perform several different machining processes in a single accurate operation.

At John Prosock Machine, Inc., our deadlines are as tight as our tolerances. Vertical milling machines use vertical spindles, similar to a drill press, and an x-y table to position the work. Inside the spindle are milling cutters, which rotate on a vertical axis and plunge into the material to cut and drill parts with precision. In a single set-up, our vertical CNC milling machine centers can both improve component quality and increase output rates. In order to streamline the operation and meet a customer’s deadline, John Prosock Machine makes sure that each machinist is trained to correctly program all vertical milling machines efficiently.

Features of John Prosock Machine’s Vertical
CNC milling machine centers includes:

  • 10,000 rpm standard spindle speeds with exceptional acceleration
  • Unique rotary indexing table allows parts to be machined on one side while additional parts are loaded and unloaded on the other
  • Pieces are kept stationary during all precision machining operations with a one-of-a-kind traveling column
  • Excellent vibration absorption and heat dissipation for accuracy and efficiency
  • Quick tool to tool and chip to chip times
  • Standard high volume coolant
  • ±0.00008” repeatability and ± 0.0002” full stroke positioning accuracy

Vertical milling machines have a lower processing speed, however, they offer high flexibility and high levels of handling. Various operations such as milling, fly cutting, precision drilling, and boring can be programmed and performed quickly. Different milling cutters are used to achieve different techniques from slotting, stepping, and pocketing with end mills, to cutting dovetails, bevels, and t-slots with form cutters, to cutting flat surfaces with facing mills.

John Prosock Machine understands
the importance of machining consistency.

Maintaining the integrity of the process and the original part design is achieved with our vertical CNC milling centers. Every part or component, regardless of where it falls in the production line should mirror the initial prototype. For this reason, we machine with strict standards to reduce or eliminate dimensional discrepancies.

John Prosock Machine, Inc. is proud to serve our customers with high quality parts. By utilizing vertical CNC milling machines we are able to produce parts of varying complexities to exact tolerances at a fast turnaround. For the best in quality, efficiency, and accuracy, rely on John Prosock Machine, Inc.

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"I double check everything I do. I'm committed to doing things right." Chris Sadlowski
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