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"I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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Rapid Prototyping at John Prosock Machine, Inc.

Innovation takes shape through rapid prototyping at John Prosock Machine, Inc. Prior to beginning the CNC machining process, machinists construct a prototype model, which serves as the customer and machinist’s final hands-on check for dimension, material, etc., before full-scale production is initiated. If requested, these models are tested to make certain that the best material has been chosen and the right CNC machining operation has been implemented. Our CNC machine shop in PA uses rapid prototyping to ensure that all part specifications, which are equally critical, have been met before we fill your order.

Rapid Prototyping With Mastercam
CAD/CAM Technology

John Prosock Machine’s rapid prototyping uses computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology to automatically construct models. Simply submit a drawing, sketch, or sample part and our machinists will produce a detailed CAD model from which the prototype will be constructed.

Once the model is constructed, 3D CAD files are converted into a specific working format, which represents a three-dimensional surface as an assembly of pieces. Every file contains the precise coordinates of the vertices and the direction of each piece. Machinists at John Prosock Machine balance accuracy and manageability to fabricate a useful working file.

Next, each file is broken into thin cross-sectional layers. At this stage, designers can adjust the size, location, and orientation of the model to exact customer specifications. John Prosock Machine’s designers can import 3D CAD files, through CAM communication, which interpolates the information into programming for our CNC machines. Tools and machinery are controlled, monitored, and adjusted through specialized computers.

Advantages of John Prosock Machine, Inc.’s
Rapid Prototyping

• Performs fit and function tests of the prototype
• Reduces machining production time
• Reduces manufacturers costs

Fit and function testing of prototypes avoids potential errors. At an early stage in production we are able to determine if a part is not machined to the right tolerances or if another material should be used. Testing verifies that we have obtained optimal prototypes prior to committing to erroneous tooling. With the right prototype as a guide, full-scale production runs smoothly and efficiently. Fast cycle times mean less labor, resulting in a better price to customers.

At John Prosock Machine, Inc. we take pride to providing customers with accurate prototypes to speed up production and reduce costs. Investing in CAD/CAM technology helps us produce the best possible prototype for your application to deliver your products to the market sooner. As a leading CNC machine shop in PA, we are constantly evaluating the latest software to make your vision a reality.

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"I like hearing the positive comments from our customers spread like wildfire throughout the shop." Jim Walsh
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