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"I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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Precision Machining for Short Lead Times

John Prosock Machine Inc., a leading CNC machining company, increases shop production, eliminates bottlenecks, shortens lead times, and meets tight delivery schedules with high-speed precision machining for customers in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin. John Prosock Machine speed comes from quick CNC machine setups, high spindle speeds and feed rates, fast programming, and effective communication. At John Prosock Machine, we bring concepts to reality at the speed you need to gain the profits you want.

Precision Machining for Short Lead Times

John Prosock Machine Reduces Setup Time
Setup in most CNC machine shops can be time consuming and prone to error, especially if one operator’s setup technique differs from another’s. To diminish unnecessary downtime and eliminate potential problems and inconsistencies, John Prosock Machine trains every employee in setup reduction techniques. Each setup operator documents all information accurately, manages machine tools safely, reads and interprets machine programs precisely, and troubleshoots problems competently.

High-speed Precision Machining
The high spindle speeds and feed rates of John Prosock’s CNC machining help shorten cycle times for faster turnarounds. We have invested in CNC machines that are so fast they can deliver efficiency gains that go beyond the precision machining process itself. Our high-speed machining replicates or eliminates functions that used to require specialized, less effective systems and machines.

However, high-speed precision machining centers are not enough if the rest of the process is not up to speed. Tooling, control, and programming also affect how much speed is produced. Every tool change requires that the insert leave the cut and come to a stop long enough to swap. A significant amount of processing time is reduced if the rapid traverse moves and the tool changes are performed quickly. At John Prosock Machine, Inc. our machines often utilize one tool to machine large holes and small holes with almost no process downtime.

Fast CNC Programming
To take full advantage of today’s CNC machines, John Prosock Machine utilizes advanced software and control programs. Our machinists possess good organization and planning skills and can define the boundaries of the finished part as well as select what operations should be performed efficiently and accurately while the part is held in the front and back spindles. This makes is possible to perform all precision machining operations in one setup.

Effective Precision Machining Communication
Effective communication between employees who are working on the same job or the same machine is key to the success of John Prosock Machine Inc.’s high-speed precision machining process. Machinists convey any and all information that might be useful for the next operator using the machine. They maintain up-to-date documentation of each project as it flows through the production process. John Prosock believes that good communication helps alleviate problems and confusion that ultimately contributes to shorten lead times. For this reason, he has designed the 9,000 sq. ft. facility to accommodate interpersonal communication from the start of precision machining process through end-product delivery.

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"When we get positive feedback it means we've done our job and the customer likes them so much that they take time from their busy schedule to write us a letter or do something nice for us." Josh, 4 years of service
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