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"I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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Precision Machining of Standard and Exotic Materials

As a leading CNC machine shop in PA, John Prosock Machine, Inc. has to be able to machine any material a customer wants. That's why we offer a variety of materials from aluminum, to brass, to plastic, to steel, to copper, and more. However, different materials involve different precision CNC machining concerns. John Prosock Machine takes the mechanical properties of each material from standard to exotic into consideration prior to precision machining operations to avoid complications and produce accurate results for customers in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Wisconsin.

How a Materials Thermal Expansion
Affects Precision Machining

Errors in thermal expansion play a substantial role in determining part accuracy. For this reason, international standards organizations have adopted 68°F or 20°C as the standard temperature for the measurement of length. Since the coefficient of thermal expansion in each of the materials we machine varies, compensation methods must be implemented. In order to adjust for length, expert machinists at John Prosock Machine compare the change in length to the coefficient of thermal expansion and the standard temperature. With this information, part accuracy, regardless of material, is significantly improved.

Different Inserts for Different Materials
While materials, such as hardened steel construct superior indestructible parts, they can be challenging to machine. Yet recent advancements in indexible inserts make it possible to machine just about anything. John Prosock Machine Inc. utilizes coated carbide, cermet, cubic boron nitride, and polycrystalline diamond inserts with unique geometries and coatings that can resist wear even under extreme shock and heat conditions.

Trends in the precision machining industry dictate trends in the manufacturing of cutting tools. As manufacturers continue to experiment with new materials, cutting toolmakers strive to design inserts that maximize part precision and CNC machining company production. John Prosock Machine stays up-to-date on all recent advancements in the cutting tools and inserts. We are constantly evaluating new inserts so we can provide our customers with a wider range of material options.

Tool holders and Cutting Fluid in Precision Machining
John Prosock Machine Inc.’s precision machining only benefits from optimal inserts when stable tool holders and the right cutting fluid is used for the specific type of material being machined. We routinely inspect tool holders in each of our CNC machines to make sure that inserts are changing as quickly and accurately as possible. Hard-to-machine materials and high temperature alloys require specific cutting fluid formulations and thermal expansion characteristics can be altered with the right coolant. At John Prosock Machine, we spare no expense for high-quality cutting fluids for precision machining of every material type.

Manufacturers are always looking for the next best material for their product or system. And John Prosock Machine, Inc. is proud to offer a range of materials to choose from including, but not limited to aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, and steel. We compensate for every material’s coefficient of thermal expansion and ensure that the right tool, tool holder, and cutting fluid will be used so customers have the freedom to select the material that will work best for their product or system.

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"When we get positive feedback it means we've done our job and the customer likes them so much that they take time from their busy schedule to write us a letter or do something nice for us." Josh, 4 years of service
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