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"I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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CNC Metal Turning at John Prosock Machine, Inc.

To be a competitor in today’s metalworking market requires the creativity to address both simple and complex tasks with unconventional strategies. For this reason, John Prosock Machine, Inc. has made the sensible decision to invest in various Computer Numerical Control (CNC) precision machines. John Prosock Machine, Inc., a leading CNC machining company, offers customers metal lathe turning for high levels of metal removal and accuracy.

John Prosock Machine’s metal lathes are designed to remove metal from a workpiece through the use of state-of-the-art CNC cutting tools. Cutting internal or external screw threads is an important feature of this type of equipment. At John Prosock, commonly turned metals include aluminum, brass, and steel. However, we are capable of working with a range of materials to meet customer requirements and expectations. Metal turning is primarily limited by the strength of the cutter and the cutting speed. For this reason, John Prosock Machine has invested in high-end cutters in our high-tech CNC turning centers that provide excellent spindle speed for exact tolerances and rapid turnarounds.

Benefits of John Prosock Machine’s
Metal Lathe Turning include

  • Multiple operations can be performed in one process
  • Workpieces can be modified through easy programming changes
  • Different forming parameters are quickly altered
  • Tight tolerances
  • Consistent repeatability
  • Short lead times
  • Lower tooling + production costs = a BIG value to our customers!

How CNC Metal Lathe Turning Produces
the Parts You Want at the Speed You Need

John Prosock’s machinists program the CNC turning machine with the necessary data to perform the required operations. A cutting tool is used to remove metal from a workpiece. This cutting tool is attached to a moveable-mounting device, called an indexer which moves against the workpiece through computer controlled motors. Leadscrews are operated by motors that position the tool in a variety of planes. The turning tools are what produce the cuts that turn the stock into the parts that match customer expectations. With CNC technology this process can be completed accurately and efficiently.

Years ago, training for metalworking involved an older, more experienced machinist who taught a young apprentice how to operate machines as well as master turning and milling techniques on the production floor. With the advancement of technology, machine tools have become more sophisticated providing the opportunity to produce parts meeting the high demand for tighter tolerances.

Now, many CNC machining companies have been implementing formal training programs to enhance their long-term strategies for advancement in addition to growth and John Prosock Machine, Inc. is no exception. At John Prosock Machine, every machinist undergoes a rigorous training program. They are taught how to use the CNC software to visually simulate chip formation action, turning processes, and how to predict feed rates and speeds. Additionally, they learn the importance of efficiency and productivity in machining.

Rely on the experience of John Prosock Machine’s CNC metal lathe turning for your precision machining jobs.

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"The key is going to your work with the view of doing it to 100% potential. Then the outcome will speak for itself." Tiffany Rafferty
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