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"I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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Plastic Machining Material

As a leading CNC machine shop in Pennsylvania (PA), John Prosock Machine, Inc. is able to produce high quality precision plastic product machining at an economic value for customers for manufacturers in every industrial segment. The demand for plastic parts is growing at a rapid pace and John Prosock Machine is meeting the demand through technologically advanced CNC machining operations. The competition to meet demand is fierce. John Prosock Machine, Inc. remains an aggressive competitor by providing customers with tight tolerances and short lead times.

Plastic properties such as heat tolerance, hardness, resiliency, machinability, and dimensional stability make plastic one of the most versatile materials for a diverse range of end-product applications. However, not all plastics are suitable for machining operations. Soft plastics cannot be cut to precise standards, as they tend to bend or deform under cutting pressures. Alternatively, rigid plastics are a viable option to consider, as fine dimensional tolerances are achieved with little difficulty.

Thermal Expansion in Plastic Part Machining
Heat tolerance is an important property in achieving exact specifications. Heat is generated through CNC milling and turning operations, which causes plastics to expand. When cooled upon completion, the plastic workpiece may literally “shrink” down to normal size and no longer exhibit the same tolerances. At John Prosock Machine we take plastic thermal expansion characteristics into account during the precision machining process and make the necessary adjustments to accommodate varying degrees of thermal expansion.

Plastic Molding vs. Plastic Machining
Plastic machining can almost be eliminated with today’s molding techniques; however, this process can be relatively expensive and can have extensive lead times. At John Prosock Machine, Inc. we take pride in delivering plastic parts on time at a competitive cost. We are able to run plastic workpieces through a trial operation prior to committing to specific tooling, as in the case of plastic mold making. Trial runs reduce our production and labor costs, which enable us to share our savings with our customers.

Cutting tools used in
John Prosock’s Plastic Machining:

Carbide cutting tools are dense and hard for optimum tool life and superior surface finish.
Diamond cutting tools provide optimum surface finish, especially for exotic plastic formulations.
High-speed steel cutting tools are a low-cost alternative and yield good results for both soft and rigid plastics.

John Prosock Machine, Inc. employs a host of cutting tools to machine parts from plastic rods, sheets, and tubes. The type of plastic, cutting speed, and operation dictates the specific cutting tool used. For example, carbide or high-speed cutting tools are ideal for rigid plastic materials, whereas fiber-reinforced plastics are most often cut with diamond cutting tools. Accumulated swarf from any cutting tool is recycled to reduce waste and keep the price of plastic low.

Certain CNC machining companies struggle to produce tight tolerance parts from soft plastic materials. At John Prosock Machine, we see this as a challenge and strive to find a way to provide our customers with exactly what they ask for no matter the complexity. Along with our experience in precision plastic machining, we can offer an assortment of other high-performance materials for your product or system. We work with you to determine what material will perform best based on your application requirements.

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Plastic Machining Material
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