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Copper Machining Material

Strength, conductivity, corrosion resistance, machinability, and ductility make copper one of the most versatile materials for a broad range of applications. With consumption rising to over 18 million tons per year, copper has become the material of choice for many manufacturers. Variations in composition as well as manufacturing and machining methods contribute to why copper is well suited in a variety of finished products and systems. John Prosock Machine, Inc. makes custom copper components that meet customer needs regardless of their industry.

As a CNC machine shop in PA with years of experience, John Prosock Machine, Inc. utilizes high-quality copper alloys to produce parts that perform to maximum capability. While copper is relatively soft and therefore easy to cut, it can be a challenge to avoid damaging the material during the machining process. Copper can be easily bent, dented, or scratched during CNC precision machining production. At John Prosock Machine, our machinists know what it takes to machine a range of copper alloys so product waste is reduced and downtime is virtually eliminated.

Common Applications
for Copper Precision Machining:

Electrical – Superior electrical conductivity makes copper a good choice in electrical equipment. Industries where copper proves useful as a conductor of electricity includes automotive, medical equipment such as scalpels, computer chips, and more.
Engineering – Corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity properties are what compels manufacturers of heat exchange systems to select copper for their end products. Valve, pumps, radiators, refrigeration units, hydraulic tubing, and bolting are a few good examples of where copper is considered a valuable resource.
Environment – Ductility, malleability, and corrosion-resistant properties enable copper to perform well under the most demanding environmental conditions. Whether in tanks, vessels, oil platforms, coastal power stations, or in any piping or plumbing systems, copper continually maintains its integrity.

Approximately 40% of the annual 18-ton copper consumption can be recycled. Once the working life of your copper component ends the material can be reused in the manufacturing of a new and improved part. John Prosock Machine, Inc. recycles the leftover swarf (metallic particles) accumulated during the machining process. We know how valuable copper is to your application and, as a result, strive to do our part to make sure copper is readily available for fabrication.

With John Prosock’s copper machining you are assured that accurate and tight tolerance standards are met consistently at a price you can afford. We make use of the best copper alloys money can buy for easy machinability and good surface finish qualities. It is through the dedication of our machinists and the latest CNC machines we employ that John Prosock Machine, Inc. is able to maintain a leading position within the machining industry and continues to rise above competing CNC machining companies.

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Copper Machining Material
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