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Brass Machining Material

Made from a combination of copper and zinc, brass has excellent machining qualities. As a high-density material, brass is ideal for heavy industrial parts. Brass is valued for it’s polished finish, but often disregarded as it can oxidize when it comes in contact with certain elements. When small amounts of lead are added, however, the properties of brass significantly improve. Its hardness and workability make brass one of the most versatile machining materials available. As a well-known CNC machine shop in PA, John Prosock Machine, Inc. machines brass for limitless end-part applications.

Brass, specifically brass 360, is intrinsically easy to machine at John Prosock Machine, Inc. Brass 360 is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion and with properties closely resembling those of steel, 360 brass is one of the most popular copper alloys utilized today. “Free machining brass” sets the standard by which the machinability of other materials is judged. Free machining brass produces fine chips of swarf or metallic particles, which can be recycled and still maintain high value as well as significantly reduce production costs. With CNC, higher machining speeds and lower tool wear rates contribute to minimized production costs for John Prosock Machine and our customers.

Precision Machined Brass Works
for a Variety of Applications:

Musical Instruments – Malleability and acoustic characteristics make brass a particularly good choice in the field of musical instruments.
Electrical Equipment – Manufacturers of both domestic and industrial electrical equipment benefit from brass due to its relatively high conductivity and corrosion resistance.
Environmental Use – Brass forms a thin protective green “patina”, which unlike iron or steel will not rust when it is exposed to the atmosphere.
Plumbing, Central Heating, Seawater Lines, Steam Condensers, & Desalination Plants – High tensile brasses demonstrate excellent resistance to corrosion from liquid elements, particularly seawater.
Cryogenics – Brass retains its strength, ductility, and malleability in low temperature applications.

What is listed above are just a few examples where John Prosock’s brass precision machining may prove useful in end-product applications. Although ductile in its softened state, brass is a strong material to work with and maintains its strength even under some of the most demanding conditions. At John Prosock Machine, Inc. finishing costs are practically eliminated through close tolerance CNC manufacturing techniques. Well-designed brass components manufactured by our machinists withstand a long service life to reduce and often eliminate product or system failure.

Pliable. Economical. Reliable. Brass can be the ideal material to meet your requirements. When you choose John Prosock Machine, Inc. you receive top-notch brass precision machining at a low cost and a longer functional life for your product or system.

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Brass Machining Material
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