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"I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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Aluminum Machining Material

Aluminum is a soft, lightweight metal that is about one-third the density of steel or copper. A protective oxide layer gives aluminum superior corrosion resistance and durability. Similar to cast, aluminum exhibits excellent malleable and ductile characteristics, which makes machining this material easy for John Prosock Machine, Inc., a top CNC machine shop in PA. Aluminum, specifically 606IT6 high-grade aluminum, is machined at John Prosock Machine for a broad range of industry applications from aerospace to transportation, and more.

John Prosock Machine, Inc. is a leading CNC machining company with the knowledge to machine soft, non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, at high speeds. Many factors contribute to why machining soft metals can be a challenge for other CNC machining companies. But at John Prosock Machine, we have the experience and skill to avoid potential problems that may surround high-speed aluminum milling, turning, boring, tapping, sawing, etc.

Cutting Power in Aluminum Precision Machining
When compared to steel, aluminum requires relatively less horsepower, however, higher spindle and surface speed. Most CNC machine shops consider high spindle speed anywhere from 10,000 rpms to 50,000 rpms. High spindle speeds signify high surface speeds, which can range from 3,000 to 30,000 surface feet per minute (sfm). John Prosock Machine’s CNC machine centers are fully equipped with the high speeds necessary for aluminum machining. Higher spindle speeds increase frictional heat in bearings. Our milling and turning machines are outfitted with state-of-the-art cooling systems to dissipate the heat generated by cutting and friction. Tight tolerances are maintained under such fast conditions as our spindles are kept stiff and secure even at consistent maximum performance.

High-speed cutters in CNC Milling and Turning
Our cutting tools are uniquely designed with the proper geometry to meet the needs of aluminum precision machining. We are able to remove metallic particles and abrasive fragments (swarf) efficiently as well as prevent swarf from bonding to the tool by keeping the edges keen and faces polished. Carbide or diamond cutting surfaces are utilized and extend tool life as well as increase sfm levels.

Efficient Chip Removal Rates
Poor chip removal rates can be damaging to an aluminum precision machining production. For this reason, John Prosock Machine, Inc. maintains high cutting angles to create a clean cut in a relatively soft material and for accurate chip removal. Rake angles must be greater than 6° and can reach 12°. Gash angles are kept high to aid in pulling chips and prevent clogging. Helix angles are as much as 50% greater than traditional end mills to fling chips away from the workpiece.

During precision machining, the form of an aluminum workpiece has the potential to distort through increased thermal expansion. For this reason, John Prosock Machine has invested in advanced CNC machines with good thermal control systems of the spindle and other major structural elements. When working with aluminum, poor chip removal can cause downtime due to the extra work needed to remove excess metal fragments from tools and unwind chips from tool holders. With John Prosock’s CNC precision machining, our tools are well designed for exceptional chip removal. Cutting power, uniquely designed tools, and specialized machining techniques is what allow John Prosock Machine, Inc. to machine aluminum with the reliability and economy you want at the high-speed and high-production rates you need.

For applications where light weight, strength, durability is a must, trust aluminum precision machining at John Prosock Machine, Inc.

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Aluminum Machining Material
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