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I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition.

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CNC Turning at John Prosock Machine, Inc.

John Prosock Machine, Inc. employs state-of-the-art CNC turning centers to produce cylindrical components for a broad range of industry applications. With John Prosock Machine’s CNC turning, cycle times are shorter, changeovers are more frequent, and parts are more intricate. Standard and exotic materials can be machined to the tightest possible tolerances either for the exterior of the cylinder or for inside diameter turning.

CNC turning centers have raised John Prosock Machine’s performance to a level few competitors can reach. From short to long runs and low to high volume, John Prosock Machine, Inc. machines to exact specifications for customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Wisconsin, Michigan, and outside the US in Canada.

How does CNC Turning work?
CNC provides an easy and intuitive interface, which makes programming effortless. At John Prosock Machine, our machinists know how to accurately and efficiently enter the part geometry data and machining conditions such as spindle speed, material feed, and depth of cut. Once programmed, tool movements are automatically determined. CNC turning machines then rotate and cut parts along two axes of motion for precise diameter and depth. Although the rotating speed of the component remains constant, the diameters of a part dictate variable cutting speeds.

Benefits of CNC Turning
John Prosock Machine relies on CNC turning for prototype work and jobs where fast turnaround and high quality are critical. Below are just a few of the benefits John Prosock Machine’s CNC turning offers.

  • Simple to complex operations can be executed on a single CNC turning machine.
  • Greater accuracy and piece-to-piece consistency.
  • Unique CNC memory capabilities for superior repeatability.
  • Finer dimensional tolerances are achieved within tight statistical process control parameters.
  • Automatic part loading devices can accommodate a variety of work pieces with only minimal adjustments for consistent production rates.

With John Prosock Machine you benefit from short lead times, precision machining, and on-time delivery. To meet all your needs, we utilize diversified turning capabilities from Swiss turning, to Lathe turning, to Metal turning, to Multi Access turning.

Swiss Machine Turning
Swiss turning provides our customers with higher productivity, tighter tolerances, and better quality. Out machines have a 1.25" diameter capacity.

Lathe Turning
Lathe turning is the most basic form of turning, however, versatile enough to perform numerous operations including boring, facing, parting, threading, and more.

Metal Turning
Metal turning is designed to remove material from a metal component through precisely automated cutting tools.

Multi-Axis Turning
With Multi-Axis Lathes, compex parts can be machined more efficiently, decreasing lead and cycle times by using all axes simultaneously.

Benefits of Multi-Axis Turning

    • Cuts down on the number of setups used to machine a part
    • Decreases cycle times by increasing efficiency
    • Improves tool life
    • Equipment flexibility
    • Higher quality of parts
    • Improves suraface finish

Building relationships with our customers is important to us and the best way for us to do so is by investing in the right technology. For this reason, we employ the latest CNC turning machine to produce the highest quality parts for industry. At John Prosock Machine, Inc. we establish strong customer-to-business relationships by turning small parts into big customer profits.

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"The key is to go into your work with the view of doing it to 100% potential. Then the outcome will speak for itself." Tiffany Rafferty
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