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" I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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CNC Milling at John Prosock Machine, Inc.

John Prosock Machine, Inc., a superior CNC machining company, relies on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) for milling, threading, boring, and drilling parts to exact customer specifications. CNC technology simplifies machining by reducing the number of steps that require significant human guidance. The result: curves and complex 3D structures are as easy to produce as straight lines.

At John Prosock Machine, Inc., we utilize high-end CNC technology to machine with extreme precision to produce the highest quality machined parts for customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, and outside the US in Canada.

How does CNC Milling Work?
CNC milling uses a computer program written in a notation called G-code, which conforms to the EIA-274-D standard. CNC milling machines feature a rotating cylindrical cutter with multiple flutes, known as an endmill. The endmill is capable of traveling along multiple axes and is used for machining techniques such as slots, pockets, and profiles.

Advantages of CNC Milling
Considerable improvements in quality, efficiency, and consistency have been achieved with CNC machining technology. By utilizing CNC automation, John Prosock Machine has reduced the frequency of errors and the time required to alter a machine to produce specific components. CNC automation has provided operators with more time to perform other necessary tasks. John Prosock’s commitment to technology provides for a faster turnaround, and has allowed for greater flexibility in the ways a part is positioned in the machining process. Today, CNC machining operates from files created by CAM software so assembly can run directly from design to manufacturing for product consistency.

At John Prosock Machine, state-of-the-art CNC milling machines perform a vast number of complex operations through relatively simple processes from slot cutting, to drilling, to profiling, to routing, and more. John Prosock Machine offers four different types of CNC milling machinery: Horizontal, Vertical, Thread, and Multi Access machining.

Horizontal milling
The horizontal machine has a horizontal side mill, similar to the cross section of a circular saw, and an X-Y table that holds all work in place. Within the side mill are milling cutters, which rotate on a horizontal axis and pierce the material to cut and drill and bore to exact specifications.

Vertical milling
The vertical machine has a vertical spindle, similar to a drill press, and an X-Y table to position the work. Within the spindle are milling cutters, which rotate on a vertical axis and plunge into the material to cut and drill, bore and countersink the part to exact tolerances.

Thread milling
Thread milling is performed on both horizontal and vertical machines. Cutters drill and thread the materials to achieve a hole with perfect dimensional accuracy.

John Prosock Machine is proud to serve customers with only the best machining capabilities. CNC technology has allowed us to manufacture for a wide range of industries quickly to exact specifications. We are constantly evaluating the latest technology and purchasing the best equipment to keep our machining processes as up-to-date as possible.

Multi-Axis Turning
Our Daewoo Multi-Axis center uses live tooling to turn and mill a precision part at the same time while maintaining a competitive edge by saving on set up and run time costs for our customers.

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"I double check everything I do. I'm committed to doing things right." Chris Sadlowski
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