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Prosock Machine Shop Talk

February 6, 2009

Machine Shops get ready.

As most precision machine shops gaze at the horizon of business possibilities we feel a certain amount of angst. We wonder if the demand for CNC Mill and Lathe work will continue. Where will we look for new work. The vulture is a leading economic indicating right now and business are getting devoured in the feeding frenzy of a runaway economy.

Are there any bright spots for machine shops as we collectively hold our breath and wait for what’s next?

With all of the current emphasis on going green there are major dollars to be made if we look in the right places. There is going to be major new demands for good clean energy in the future. Alternative energy will grow, but it will be coal that probably comes out the winner in the short run.

There is much skepticism about the long term viability of coal. Is there such a thing as clean coal? Well, it seems that there is. Or maybe it should be called, less dirty coal. Gasification and pollution scrubbers are being used and are making a dent in the CO2 output of coal fired power.

This is where we come in.

There is going to be a massive need for pipelines and valves to support this rapidly expanding infrastructure. New natural gas pipelines are going in. Many are anticipating a huge spike in the need for pipes, valves and monitoring devices.

In the electrical industry there is a shift going on toward variable speed motors. This will be by government mandate and/or cost savings opportunities will move companies in this direction. When going green can be linked with cost savings, people are getting in line. Check in with motor producers. They are going to need lots of shafts and couplings precision machined.

Things are changing. Times are tough. But there is work out their for custom CNC mill and lathe shops that are doing their homework.

October 27, 2008

Happy Monday. An Oxymoron?

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Happy Monday! Maybe that’s an oxymoron? But, despite what you hear in the news about the economy we here at John Prosock Machine are very blessed, we are busy. 🙂 In fact we have many things to be happy about here at John Prosock Machine. We are a CNC Job shop in Pennsylvania and it is very beautiful now, the leaves are changing. John Prosock Machine has many devoted employees that keep our production flowing. The Phillies are one game away from winning the World Series and people around here are pretty excited! Anyway there are so may things for John Prosock Machine to be happy about. Have a great day!


October 20, 2008

New Equipment

John Prosock Machine Incorporated strives on a daily basis to be pioneer in the machining industry.  Last week we are happy to announce a new wave of technology that has entered our facility.  John Prosock Machine has added a coordinate measuring machine to our family of machines.  The CMM machine will redefine accuracy for John Prosock Machine.  We will have trained professionals from the machining industry here to develop on-site training for our staff.  With the help of the professionals and the dedication from our employees the Coordinate measuring machine will allow John Prosock Machine to develop new protocols for precise testing to the company and for our clients.  We believe the sky is the limit when it comes to our clients and the service that we provide, we always shoot for the stars.


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