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Prosock Machine Shop Talk

January 7, 2009

ISO 9000 Certification

Back in 2005 we received our ISO 9001:2000 certification. At the time we had no idea how important it would turn out to be for our business. John Prosock Machine took this step forward to ensure that our CNC mill and lathe work would continue to be competitive and of the highest quality. This was a milestone for our company that has pushed us forward. Owner John Prosock had always pursued a high commitment to CNC machining quality, but knew this certification would be necessary to broaden Prosock Machine’s ability to attract new business as demands for CNC mill and lathe work increase. Customers realize that an ISO certificate does not guarantee that the machine shop is holding these high standards. But our customers now have a sense of confidence that a process is in place that is consistent and has the outside accountability of ISO. There is a lot of record keeping necessary to comply with ISO standards, which has necessitated greater care from our top management right down to the mill and lathe operators. Our CNC machine operators found that once they got into the rhythm of the process and record keeping the added work was minimal but their ability to achieve and hold higher standards for their metal machining has increased. These standards have raised the bar for them and they have step up to the plate.

Prosock Machine chose the ISO 9000 since it specifically relates to the use of quality management and the quality assurance standards necessary for the highest quality CNC machining. Tiffany Rafferty is our quality assurance rep and does a great job keeping records and making sure we comply with all ISO standards. Our commitment to quality CNC machining gives as a “what ever it takes” mentality as we seek to please our customers. We are proud to be part of the many companies that carry an ISO certification.


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