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November 9, 2012

John Prosock Machine’s Response to Superstorm Sandy

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Precision machine shops are busy places that run multiple shifts every day.  John Prosock Machine is no exception.  We pride ourselves on working diligently to get our orders done and done with precision.  When weather events like last week’s superstorm Sandy happen, we do our best to keep the machines humming and orders in process.  Last week’s storm made that difficult.

Here at John Prosock Machine, we are truly blessed that we did not have any water damage or that the two trees that fell down did not fall into our building. We were out of power from Tuesday until mid afternoon Friday. We were able to receive a few deliveries via UPS and Fed Ex when John was at the shop checking up on some things.

If you tried to reach us by phone, you most likely got our answering machine.  If that was the case, we are sorry we were not able to take your call.  John was able to keep in touch with some customers via his cell phone. When we came on line Friday (around 3:00 pm), the phones started ringing immediately. We had 63 messages to attend to!

As a result of the storm, our cable line was hanging low. Barb had let the cable company know that on Friday, and expressed our concern about needing to be back in business and our frustration about not being able to stay in touch with our customers.  We were concerned that it wouldn’t even be resolved by Monday when we were officially open for business.

The cable company said they would have it fixed by Sunday; unfortunately, they brought the wrong size truck.  In the meantime, as the cable was hanging low, another truck took it out on Monday. But it has since been fixed and all is well.

To our valued customers who trust us for their precision machining needs, we would like to say thank you for hanging in there with us during the days we were not able to be open for business. We value you and your business.  Again, we are grateful for the safety of our workers and our business.  In preparation for future events such as these, John has since made a copy of all our customers’ phone numbers, a paper record, so we can keep in touch the old fashioned way.

All in all, though we lost some productive days, our precision machine shop is here to serve you.



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