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Prosock Machine Shop Talk

October 2, 2012

Precision Machining Goes to School

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Back to school even means something in the precision machining world!  John Prosock Machine believes in the potential of students, and in that spirit has been partnering since 2006 with Upper Bucks County Technical School in a coop program that gives current and former students the opportunity to get a head start toward their employment. 

Dianne Horne, office manager and HR Director at John Prosock Machine took over the program at JPM in 2008, and working hand-in-hand with the coordinator at the technical school, wrote the job description for the students.  Together they have established safety standards, helped the students get their working papers, and encouraged them to grow in their field.

The coop program involves young men and women at all stages.  At the present time, John Prosock Machine employs two of the three young men who went through the program.

Josh Moyer

Josh Moyer was in the coop program during his junior and senior years of high school and worked his hours after school.  He graduated from high school two years ago, and upon graduation was offered a full-time job at JPM.   He has learned quite a bit about precision machining in his time at John Prosock Machine including understanding measurement tools and reading blueprints.

Dianne explains, “The program at the tech school opens the door, because they get training.”  John Prosock Machine wants experienced workers at the shop, and most newly graduated students have no experience.  They’re at a distinct disadvantage in the job market, but by taking part in a coop program like this, they get training and can enter the work force with experience.

Terrence Burns

Terrence Burns started in the coop in the spring of his junior year.  He graduated in 2012 and has worked at JPM ever since.  Though he worked at two other precision machine shops while in the coop program, he chose to work at John Prosock Machine.   Terrence says he’s learned a lot though hands-on experience at JPM.

Chris Horne

Chris Horne is a senior at Quakertown High School.  He has been in the coop program for over a year.  He goes directly from school to JPM, where he works 26 hours a week.  Chris says that when he first walked in the door, he didn’t know what the machines were, but as a result of his time at JPM, he now can program those same machines.

John Prosock Machine and Upper Bucks County Technical School work together to make sure the students follow strict guidelines.  JPM has posted a copy of Child Labor Laws.  They monitor how many hours a week the students in the coop can work, the employees take the students under their wings, and the supervisors watch them while they work.  While in the coop, the students keep journals about their work.  The supervisors grade the students and sign off on their work.

“It’s a great community program,” exclaims Dianne.  John Prosock agrees.  In a recent letter to the Technical School, John states, “The program meets our needs as an employer and also meets the business and industry community in Bucks County and neighboring locations.”

So, “back to school” in the world of precision machining has far-reaching, positive meaning at John Prosock Machine!


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