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" I think of John Prosock as a value added partner and I would recommend JPM to everyone except my competition." Kody, SKF

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Prosock Machine Shop Talk

May 8, 2013

Exciting Employee Updates for John Prosock Machine

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Everyone celebrates Phil’s improvement at JPM’s Christmas party

Here at John Prosock Machine, we are thrilled that our employee Phil Damon continues to improve after his accident.  You may remember our post in which Phil was honored at our annual John Prosock Machine Christmas party.

Though Phil is on a long road to recovery, his physical therapy has made it possible for him to return to playing the drums.  Playing is challenging and difficult for him mentally and physically, but it provides a creative outlet for him in the healing process.  And we all know music is good for the soul!

Phil’s daughter, Leah, is a source of joy and encouragement to him.

Recently John and Barb Prosock, staff and employees here at John Prosock Machine decided to collect and sign greeting cards as they continue to seek ways to encourage him in his return to functionality.

We would like to highlight another employee, Kermit Nester. He is a great inspiration to us and to the younger people, as he is a man of a man of faith, integrity, and great work ethics.

Kermit was in his 60’s when he joined the JPM team back in 2001.  Kermit used one week of his vacation every year to serve. He and his wife go to South Carolina for a week to help pack shoeboxes for Operation Shoebox, a ministry of the Billy Graham Ministries.  His wife has even gone out of the country to help deliver them.  He retired this past December, but retirement to Kermit means still working part time.  Kermit also plays an active part in the Zion Choral Society, having served as their treasurer.

Finally, welcome two new employees, Corey and Corey.  We hope you feel welcome and valued as you join the John Prosock Machine family.

March 6, 2013

John Prosock Machine – Teamwork for Seamless Quotes

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We at John Prosock Machine are proud of our quoting process!  We feel confident our customers  receive the fairest, most accurate quote they can get.

We strive to save our customers money in the quoting process by keeping our thinking fresh, then taking those fresh ideas back to the customer.

Getting back to our customers in two to three days with our quote is  our  goal, and at John Prosock Machine, it takes a team to make it happen.

Quote Sheet

Once we receive a RFQ, the team kicks into high gear, beginning with a confirmation call by Janice to the customer.  Owner John gets involved, making the initial decision to quote.  Then Claude and Ken plan the job. Once the material dimensions and quantity needed  are determined, they pass that information on to Tanja.  Tanja gets in gear,  getting  the best pricing and delivery on the material as well as any sub-contracting work that will need to be done such as heat treating, plating etc. While waiting for responses from our  vendors,  Claude and Ken determine the set up and run times for the quote.  Janice and Tanja work together to price the quote, Janice prepares the quote sheet, has Tiffany check it, then John circles back around and double checks the quote before JPM presents it to the customer.

Whew!  We shoot, we score!

Tiffany and Janice follow up with the customer, making sure they received the quote.

Barb then follows up to determine  how our quote looked and if we won the bid.

Tiffany says of the team, “They’re ALL team players!”

Tiffany quoting one of our valued customers

We believe we have an advantage – we’re a large shop.  We have many efficient, state-of-the-art machines, so we’re able to lower turnaround times and save our customers money.  Plus, we can often accommodate rush orders when other precision machine shops can’t.

Tiffany says, “It’s not just a customer/vendor relationship.  With some of the customers, it’s like a personal relationship.  Because we have a personable relationship with them, it benefits both companies.”

January 15, 2013

John Prosock Machine 2012 Christmas Party

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JPM Christmas partiers

John Prosock Machine held its annual Christmas party in  December with almost all of its employees in attendance.

Everyone enjoyed the food, as always.  This year Ken, Gerald and Tyler wowed the attendees with their combined pulled pork. They were up during the night in the pouring rain to make sure the fires didn’t go out on their EGG Smokers.  Barb exclaimed, “It topped anything we’ve ever had!”  The meal was followed by JPM’s yearly Christmas gift auction with Helen being the winner for the biggest gift!

As if pulled pork wasn’t enough!

In addition to the food, everyone enjoyed the games, including the “famous artist” game.

Helen grabs the biggest gift!

In July 2012 John Prosock Machine celebrated their 30th year anniversary. Barb’s sister Suzanne attended this year’s Christmas Party, so John shared how he asked Suzanne if she would lend him $3,000.00 for his first manual milling machine which he planned to put in the basement of their first home and how the business grew from there.

To commemorate that time, JPM had special t-shirts bearing the slogan “Celebrating 30 Years” made, and each employee received one at the end of the party.

Fun and laughter – Famous Artist game

John Prosock Machine welcomed its new employees, Arturo Andreali, Bob Gingrich, Brian McGunnigle, Ian Allen, Kody McKeevor, Len Rice, Mike Guadagno, Janice Kulp and Rob DiCarlintino. JPM honored Kermit for his 10 years of service.  He is now “retired,” but works two days a week.  Also honored:  Josh Whiteman, 10 years, CJ Farrington and Adam Bertino, 5 years.  CJ and Adam received company jackets for their 5 years of working for John Prosock Machine.

JPM’s Christmas elves


Special guests included two employees who are recovering from accidents, Phil Damon, and Quincy Rogers.  Phil # 31 is recovering from a very serious car accident in which he suffered a severe brain injury. Please visit the Princess Leia Foundation website at and consider reaching out to his family in this time of need.  Their presence made the annual party extra special.

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